EVE Online Multiple Accounts Project  

Want to automate the steps to duplicate your EVE Online client software so you can play multiple accounts simultaneously? Want an easy way to duplicate the client software so you can log into Singularity?

These are some of the issues I wanted to address when I wrote a shell script called multiacct. To make use of the software, you need to get to a UNIX shell on your Mac. MacOSX comes with a program called "Terminal", but I personally prefer iterm.

First Time Checkout

First, from your shell prompt, you'll need to install (subversion checkout) the code:

Run the Script

After that, you can run it: which will give you a help screen.

Read the Docs

You can also read the docs:

Get the latest code

When you did the initial checkout, you created a subversion workspace. From that point on, its really easy to get the latest version by updating the workspace:


Make an instance for each of your favorite characters and place icons for each on the dock:

I hope you find this script helpful. If you run into bugs, please submit them to sourceforge: